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Don Morrow (born January 29, 1927 from Farmington, Connecticut) is an American actor and announcer best known for being "The Shell Answer Man" during the late 1970s, along with his historical narration on episodes of A&E Biography, E! True Hollywood Story, and various PBS documentaries. He filled in as announcer on Wheel of Fortune for the week of August 4, 1980, following Charlie O'Donnell's departure.

Morrow did mostly announcing work on game shows including Personality Puzzle, Fun for All, Masquerade Party (1950s), G.E. College Bowl, Sale of the Century (1988-89), Now You See It (1989), and The Challengers (1990-91).

Don occasionally filled in for Allen Ludden as host of College Bowl, which led to him hosting Camouflage (1961-62) and Let's Play Post Office (1965–66), the latter a Merv Griffin series. During his run on Camouflage, an unusual story was run by TV Guide about his deer Romper.

Morrow currently does one-on-one voiceover classes from his studio in Danbury, Connecticut; he also gives voiceover seminars. Don still does announcing work, usually for video games; two known examples are Heroes of Newerth and Puzzle Kingdoms.

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