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The E! True Hollywood Story (usually shortened to THS) is a TV documentary series on the E! cable channel which has been running since August 21, 1996 as essentially a counterpart to A&E's Biography. THS subjects have covered all forms of media, with episodes running for either one or two hours.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel was the subject of Episode #380, airing January 23, 2005 as what could reasonably be considered a 30th-Anniversary Special. The two-hour episode covered the program's history from its conception in 1973 through the then-present day.

The special featured a bevy of clips, including the January 6, 1975 premiere and Susan's last show (October 22, 1982), plus what had then been all circulating photos of the Shopper's Bazaar pilot. The special also included some rare publicity shots, as well as brief shots of production papers regarding the 1973-74 pilots.

People Interviewed

Note that this is a partial list, arranged alphabetically, as the only copy of the episode we currently have access to is incomplete.

In addition, two unnamed staff members are briefly interviewed: a female in the show's wardrobe room discussing Vanna's outfits, and a male in the show's control room talking about tapings.