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This is the userpage of your very own UltimaGanon! Known for his retro-recaps of the older seasons of Wheel of Fortune on the BAV Forums (which are the creators of this wiki).

I am just starting out here on the wiki, but I hope I will be able to learn all there is to learn about working with the wiki and cover Wheel of Fortune as extensively as possible!

My Pages

$ale of the Century Video Archive

Retro Recap Directory

I promised I'd make a directory here, but it will just be a directory of my own recaps, for easy access to those that want to see my work that I have posted on BAV

Total Recaps: 32

Season 12

My Prior Signatures

This is just a place for me to post the signatures I have used in the past on BAV.

Signature #1: "The retro-recapper of Classic Wheel, mostly covering Daytime and Syndicated Seasons 1 to 12."

Signature #2: "The wheel is spinning your way, bringing you fabulous and exciting recaps! Join me as we journey our way through Seasons of Wheel's Past and view recaps which explore a bygone era of everyone's favorite game show!"

You will find my recaps compiled here: