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    Video game speak

    August 26, 2020 by Gameshowguy2000

    Very few game show fans know that MarioGS, Daniel, and myself are big video game fans. Heck, we're big Mario fans.

    However, it has come to my attention that there are some people out there still going hyper over a clue in this past season's Jeopardy! College Championship that has to do with Zelda, as well as a similar Final Jeopardy! round with such.

    Both cases, people were arguing that the players who responded with "What is Zelda?" should've been given credit. Here's the problem: The game's name is The Legend of Zelda, not just Zelda for short. Zelda is just ONE CHARACTER. And Daniel and MarioGS can both back me up that Super Mario Bros., while being the first game in the Mario franchise, is NOT MARIO FOR SHORT. That's just ONE CHARACTER.


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  • Gameshowguy2000

    In years past, I've linked the sites to said sources for proof of Santa's existence. But considering you can find them in my past posts on this subject, I'll give another source: A Card Sharks syndicated episode with Bill Rafferty.

    In that episode, they have 10 department store Santas, and to prove Santa DOES exist, Bill says that they couldn't have the real Santa, so they brought 10 of his "helpers"; and their nametags are numbered, what else, 1-10. You can find this episode on YouTube.

    And recently, I have been reading that the tracking footage is edited. Nope. It's real-time and LIVE, so THERE'S NO EDITING! NOT POSSIBLE!

    Last but not least, I am sick of the comments that, in addition to "Santa's not real/fake", etc.; We get things like "Sant…

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  • Gameshowguy2000

    The above link is self-explanatory. But the rant I am about to do is anything but (your mileage may vary)...

    During the time of the passing of Charles Van Doren and James Holzhauer's Jeopardy! streak, I had been yearning for more information on the quiz show scandals (link above). Heck, I even bought a 2-pack DVD set that not only talks about game shows in particular, but (on BOTH discs, also sold separately), you guessed it, the quiz show scandals. The Biography DVD also highlights Ken Jennings' streak, too, so that one is worth a watch.

    But let us focus on the man chasing Ken Jennings, and that is none other than James Holzhauer, who as of the writing of this post, has won 29 games over $2…

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  • Gameshowguy2000

    This DVD features 26 episodes from game shows from the 1950s and 1960s. And no matter which era we were born in (most of us game show fans were 80s, 90s, and 2000s born), expect to learn a little about that era in school (like I did by taking a journalism class in college).

    To kick things off, there's a Bill Cullen episode of The Price is Right from the NBC era (remember, if it's Don Pardo announcing, you know it's NBC; it's the only network he worked at).

    The quiz show scandals are highlighted here, but not in the way you would expect. Twenty One, while highlighted, won't highlight the ever-popular Stempel-Van Doren duel that made Quiz Show famous. The episode featured here mentions James Snodgrass, the contestant who mailed the correct answers to …

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  • Gameshowguy2000

    As I write this, James Holzhauer is about halfway to Ken Jennings' record on Jeopardy!; all he has to do is win 75 (instead of 74), and he will hold the record to most games won.

    Lately, I've been reading a lot of YouTube comments suggesting this is all "fixed", "rigged", and the guy is a "cheat".

    Let me give you an insight to the show itself before we go back to the subject at hand: Merv Griffin was anxious to get quiz shows back on the air after the scandals of the 1950s. He was nervous, too, as his wife Julann suggest he do a shot where the players are given the answers and he literally had to remind her about what happened on the old shows: the producers went to jail. But then she clarified something to him: Give the players the answers, and hav…

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