If you might not know already, users like myself, Daniel, Brandon, and William are autistic.

I want to bring attention to something that's been crossing my mind--this so-called "cure" for it.

There is no cure. NO CURE AT ALL!

I've been reading a lot about how the organization "Autism Speaks" is literally bashing anyone who's autistic. And if you think that's bad, I read a comment on a YouTube video that suggests autistic people "need to be put in a zoo."

Well, excuse me! Just because Daniel, Brandon, William, and I are autistic doesn't mean we deserve to be put in a zoo. Just because we're autistic, doesn't mean we don't know right from wrong. With William running GS Wiki and Daniel running this Wiki, and even Brandon now running the Coca-Cola Wiki, they all know right from wrong. And it's their ability to know right from wrong when they hand out blocks and bans. When they check in every once in a while and find major mistakes they immediately know what to do. For example, vandalism and trolling are major mistakes in themselves, and they don't hesitate to outright permaban those individuals. That shows their ability to distinguish right from wrong.

So, in closing, I say this: Autistic people are people, too. We can't call them "normal" people (unless someone wants to), but they're still people. That means I'm just as much a person as Daniel, William, and Brandon.

Thoughts? Chime in below. Gameshowguy2000 (talk) 21:27, September 24, 2017 (UTC)

[Update: Commenting is NOW active. I will check all my prior posts, and enable seems that the change in layout has solved that bug.]

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