As I was reading BDE1982's latest blog over at the Game Shows Wiki, something came to my mind--in addition to Grinches, Scrooges, and non-believers of ol' St. Nick; there are those non-believers also saying he doesn't exist.

Well, allow me to get something off my chest (and cover your ears if my bullhorn is too loud): JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE DOESN'T BELIEVE IN SANTA DOESN'T MEAN HE DOESN'T EXIST/IS NOT REAL/IS FAKE/IS A LIE, etc.!

It makes me so sick to my stomach when someone tries this. OK, I don't care if you do believe in Santa, as I am cool and fine with that. I don't care if you don't believe in him, as I am cool and fine with that as well. However, I DO CARE IF YOU TRY TO TELL ME HE'S FAKE/IS NOT REAL/IS A LIE/DOESN'T EXIST, OR THE EVER POPULAR 'HE'S YOUR PARENTS' CRAP (I may or may not like it, depending on my mood; but too much of it, and I'll probably lose it), as I am NOT cool OR fine with that.

With that, I toss aside the bullhorn, step off the soapbox, and open it up to your 2 cents. Oh, and P.S. Santa was NOT invented by Coca-Cola, despite the fact he's been appearing on every can and bottle since his debut in 1931 by Michigan artist Haddon Sundblom (read my previous Coke entries for more interesting stuff). Gameshowguy2000 (talk) 00:15, November 30, 2015 (UTC)

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