As I was chatting with a fellow game show fan (won't say who) on IM regarding whether game shows can indeed be scripted, he reminded me scripted doesn't always mean rigged.

So, in essence, that means Pat's puzzle cards are "scripts", Alex's clue sheets are "scripts", Bob's/Drew's price tags are "scripts" (and for that matter, so is the pricing game line-up), etc. (I decided not to include those "million-dollar" game show question stacks, since we've had so many of those shows and players over the past decade)

Here's the problem...if game shows are indeed scripted, how come they're not like other genres, where we see the clapboard, and we hear the "Take 1" (click) and "Action!" from the director? And if it is scripted; are the hosts, hostesses, announcers, etc. really told what to say?

And what other examples of game show elements are "scripts"? Comment below.