After watching this Inside Edition video, the time has come for me to get this issue off my chest, an issue that for sure is going to be the subject of debate, regardless of how long I stick around on this planet.

In the video you can see a 5-year old boy being paddled by the school principal (or about to be) for his constant misbehavior and (surprise, surprise), 18 UNEXCUSED ABSENCES! In the room is the boy's mother, who after seeing the video, was horrified. She was actually arrested for the boy's truancy. It was either that, or have him get paddled.

The boy constantly bawling throughout wants to be spared, but apparently the principal doesn't care. The school, in case, you're wondering, is in Georgia, one of a few states that actually legalizes it, but students can opt out only with their parents' consent.

I honestly believe schools can punish students in ways other than paddling and spanking. As all of us learned growing up, and I know it still rings true, WE SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS WITH WORDS, NOT VIOLENCE! And by words, we mean calm words, not yelling (though you heard me yell there, that's hopefully the only time I do it in this post).

This also must be done at home. Parents must explain to their children why their actions were wrong in the first place...calmly. That way it doesn't escalate into something you see in the video.

OK, rant over. Take your side. Gameshowguy2000 (talk) 19:56, September 13, 2016 (UTC)

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