With 2 weeks to go before the Big Day, I'd decided I needed to get this off my chest, once and for all.

A lot of people have still been at the lame old same old argument that Santa is a lie, and that the parents are lying to their kids about Jolly Old St. Nick.

Well, I have a message for those who are continuing to insist that Santa is a fake, and that Virginia O'Hanlon's letter to the New York Sun is a myth. Well, that myth has been BUSTED! For proof, here's a link to the letter. For those who don't believe it, well, read it and WEEP (because you've lost).

Also, if Santa didn't exist, NORAD Tracks Santa WOULD NOT EXIST, WOULD IT?!

And for further proof, watch Miracle on 34th Street both the 1947 B/W original, and the 1994 color revival. The plot says that a young girl is convinced that a department store Santa is the real deal; and said Santa gets put on trial for such. In this case, it's the flagship Macy's in the Big Apple, featuring the founder himself, R.H. Macy. In the 1994 revival, they did not get permission from Macy's to use their name, so they had to come up with Cole's (a fictitious name). There is also a 1973 adaptation, but very few know about that one, and in that one, Macy's IS used.

It starts out when the Santa set to take part in the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is fired for being drunk, and the store has to find a replacement. When they find the real Kris Kringle, they take him in.

After spreading lots of cheer, he's soon arrested for assault, and that leads to the trial. This leads to various evidence proving of his existence: From letters in the original and 1973 film, to a Christmas card with a $1 bill in the 1994 film; it soon becomes clear, Kris Kringle is THE REAL DEAL! The case is dismissed, and it's a Merry Christmas after all.

I could go on and on and on, but you get my drift. To all the non-believers: You may choose NOT to believe in the Big Guy. BUT JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T, DOESN'T MEAN HE DOESN'T EXIST!

Want to put in your 2 cents (and I don't mean into the Salvation Army kettle at this time of year)? Chime in!

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