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The Wheel of Fortune History Wiki is the product of much hard work and research, mostly online.

The first attempt at a Wiki began in July 2009, when Daniel Benfield suggested the concept on the Wheel of Fortune Lovers (WOFL) forum, now the Buy A Vowel (BAV) Boards. While the suggestion was met with support, only a portion of Season 26 (2008-09) and small portions of the daytime version were done before the idea was shelved by Daniel due to difficulty compiling the information, a decreased interest by him, and some unfamiliarity with Wiki-based software.

In early 2011, on the official Sony Pictures forums, TenPoundHammer (aka "TPH" or "Bobby") linked to a timeline of the nighttime version which was hosted on his Angelfire website. While ambitious and highly informative, the page was far too long for Angelfire and was likely difficult to edit. Daniel sent TPH a private message suggesting it be moved to Wikia, where it could better serve viewers and be more easily edited; the move was made on April 27.

As of April 23, 2016, the current administrators are Benfield, TPH, and BryceLozier.


The purpose of the History Wiki is to document the long history of Wheel, which began development in mid-1973 and debuted on January 6, 1975, and features:

Many pages, especially those on personnel, have been compiled from a myriad of newspaper articles, Variety blurbs, interviews, audio and/or video footage, and personal recollections that are scattered across the internet along with info from books and UCLA/Paley Center listings; many hours of research and manpower have been spent tracking these down, combining scattered info in a coherent manner with references and links where available. Most pages include at least one picture, usually taken from over-the-air broadcast copies (although occasionally publicity shots), to help clarify the subject(s) discussed.

If you want to edit, feel free to do so! (Just make sure to see the Manual of Style first. :) On the other hand, if there is something you don't understand, feel free to ask one of the admins.

Friends of the History WikiEdit

  • Buy A Vowel Boards, a fan forum to discuss Wheel with former, upcoming, and hopeful contestants among its ranks. The users are happy to help those who want to try out for the show or have an upcoming taping, and always enjoy hearing stories of contestants' appearances. Notably, the forum has over 200 Wheel players as members, with total winnings of over $6,000,000.
  • Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Compendium, for puzzles spanning the show's history. Frequently updated.
  • UltimaGanon's Video Archive on the Sale of the Century Wiki
  • Game Shows Wiki, with just about every game show you could think of, with pictures galore and even Video Archives galore.


The Wheel of Fortune History Wiki is made by fans, for everyone. We are not supported or endorsed by Wheel of Fortune or any entity associated with it (although there is some indication that they know about us). All pictures and quotes used on this Wiki, and all videos linked to by this Wiki, are the property of their original owners. ©1973-2019 Califon Productions/Sony Pictures Television and associated entities.

This Wiki also honors the memory of those associated with the show who have passed away: Jack Clark, Bill Carruthers, Steve Kaplan, Merv Griffin, Charlie O'Donnell, Ed Flesh, Curtis Stanton, Mark Corwin, and many others.

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