For the daytime version, see Wheel of Fortune timeline (network). For the short-lived 1990s spinoff, see Wheel 2000#Timeline.

A timeline for the nighttime Wheel of Fortune, although due to the scope of this Wiki the page had grown far too large (close to 860,000 bytes) for some browsers and operating systems to load in a timely manner, if the page was even loaded at all. As a result, the very large timeline which had been on this page has been split into subpages by season.

Seasons 1-10

Seasons 11-20

Seasons 21-30

Seasons 31-Present

Other Pages
Originally, the timeline split was somewhat arbitrary, grouping multiple seasons onto one page. However, due to comments and discussions left on these pages, they have not been deleted. If you wish to see those, click one of the following:

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